Spot-On: What is it?

With so many new point-of-sales software coming out, it’s hard to choose which one is right for your business. Spot-On is a cloud-based point-of-sale software designed for any business. It offers various features and functionalities to streamline sales and enhance customer experiences. Here are some details about Spot-On: · Features: Spot-On includes features such as […]

Liquor Control System

Liquor control is essential for any business that sells alcoholic. By adding this effective tool, business owners can maintain better control over their liquor inventory, without having to worry about the loss of income your business is making. Two popular options are the Spy-Lite and the Octopus Lite. Spy-Lite uses fifteen spouts in total. These spouts are heat sealed […]

Save Time, Money, and Energy with a Digital Menu Board

Dooh.ly highlights the three benefits of digital display screens and menu boards stating “If you’re using digital display screens for your menu board you can help your audience make faster decisions about what they want to order.” This is especially true for quick service and fast pace restaurants, going on to exclaim how a digital menu board […]

Kitchen Display Systems and How They Benefit Your Business

Restaurants can be hectic. During meal rushes, paper tickets can get damaged, go missing, or may not even be legible. Kitchen display systems take unnecessary stress out of meal times and allows staff to prioritize the consumers, and thus in turn, sales. When an order ticket is submitted through your point-of-sales system or server’s tablets, […]

Why Your Restaurant Needs Online Ordering

During the pandemic dining in was no longer an option, and many restaurants had to shutdown. To help restaurants stay in business, they focused more on curbside pickup and delivery, whichhas now become the new norm in the restaurant industry. According to Hospitality Technology, online ordering has skyrocketed roughly taking up 40% of total restaurant sales, which […]