Kitchen Display Systems and How They Benefit Your Business

Restaurants can be hectic. During meal rushes, paper tickets can get damaged, go missing, or may not even be legible. Kitchen display systems take unnecessary stress out of meal times and allows staff to prioritize the consumers, and thus in turn, sales.

When an order ticket is submitted through your point-of-sales system or server’s tablets, they are immediately displayed for your kitchen crew to begin preparations. Any changes or additions made on the digital ticket through the POS systems will be updated in real time on the kitchen display system for easy visibility. Not only will this allow for better inventory management, but also reduced food waste, and server efficiency. Without the need for servers to deliver tickets and their changes to the back kitchen manually, they are able to prioritize more time for customers on the floor.

To reiterate, kitchen display times can save your business both time and money that is otherwise wasted through paper ticket systems. OSS Data offers kitchen display systems that integrate with a wide assortment of POS softwares! Call us today at 1-800-954-3281 or send us an e-mail at for a demo.

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