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Unbeatable prices and cutting-edge point-of-sale innovations await! Elevate your business with our competitive processing rates and seamlessly integrated merchant services. Explore our online store for all your bar and restaurant essentials at www.barspecs.com. We are your point of sale solution. We are OSS Data.

From Quick Serve to Table Serve, Reflection has the power needed by today's restaurateur.

Reflection can customize screens to create operation-specific transaction flow and screen layouts that are the most efficient and appropriate for the merchant. Screen Designer also allows for the use of graphical images and for customized button sizes, shapes, and positions. This flexibility is the key to designing screens that deliver optimal useability.

Toteat is a complete solution specially designed for restaurants.

Including features as separating guest checks, allowing multiple payment methods, and generating visual sales reports, Toteat is a modern solution to table serve restaurants.

Best way to increase profits and limit costs.

Our liquor control solutions allow the integration of a wide variety of additional options. This modular approach makes replacing an existing system unnecessary, we simply adapt the existing system to the need of the end-user. 

Over 30 years Developing State-of-the-Art POS Software Solutions

If you are seeking a robust, scalable, stable, time tested POS solution to manage and maximize your company’s efficiency while increasing your profitability, then look no further than an InfoTouch POS Software system.

Our systems provide scalability for single store users and multi-store chains with time and attendance modules, full back office, complete inventory tracking, robust security and thousands of reports all at your fingertips. In fact, we are the original designer of touch screen POS interface for retail businesses.

With no intrusive base, stand or foot, unlike other EPOS systems on the market

SANGO soars effortlessly, as if weightless, offering and revealing a space traditionally occupied by the central unit and motherboard; elegantly attached and suspended from its offset cast aluminium arm, the system’s real exo-skeleton and support for its technological core (CPU). 

Aures Sango

All-in-One Payment Solution

OSS Data provides all-in-one payment solutions to enable payment security and processor flexibility. Partnering with many payment processors, we strive to find the best processing rate for your business.

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We partner with 30+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes.

With the experience and expertise, OSS Data has to offer businesses up and down the East Coast, you can be assured that you’ll always find the latest technology and reliable advice.

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