Want an awesome website like this one? No matter the industry, we will personalize the layout according to the purpose. We customize websites at an affordable price that will not hurt small businesses. We charge a flat, one-time cost based on the number of pages you want on your website. Future changes will be charged a maintenance fee depending on complexity.


$ 799
One-page scrolling design. For display of general information.
Main Pages: 1
Responsive: Yes
Personalized: Yes
Photography: 10 Images
Video: 0
Sub Pages: 0
SEO: 499


$ 1399
Four-page design with 2 sub pages. For display of sectioned, in-depth information.
Main Pages: 4
Sub Pages: 2
Responsive: Yes
Personalized: Yes
Photography: 15 Images
Video: 1 Generated or Filmed
SEO: 499


$ 1999
Six-page design with 10 sub pages. For full display of available products and services.
Main Pages: 6
Sub Pages: 10
Responsive: Yes
Personalized: Yes
Photography: 20 Images
Video: 1 Generated or Filmed
SEO: 499

Main Pages: Choice of main pages. (ex: Home, About, Events, Gallery, Reservations, Contact, etc.)

Sub Pages: Also known as product pages, these pages have less content than main pages. They each provide information on one subject only (ex: specific product, detail on one service, explanation of one frequently asked question, etc.).

Responsive: Design that allows content to adjust to the width of a screen, making the website viewable on all devices (ex: phone, tablet, computers, etc.).

Personalized: Our websites are built from scratch, without a template, so the design is customized and unique to your business.

Photography: Professional photos of your choice. Non-local clients must reimburse travel and stay expenses. 

Video: Computer-generated video or filmed-on-location video for subject of your choice. 

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a marketing tool that allows search engines to find your website in higher ranking than other websites in a similar search.

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