Liquor Control System

Liquor control is essential for any business that sells alcoholic. By adding this effective tool, business owners can maintain better control over their liquor inventory, without having to worry about the loss of income your business is making.

Two popular options are the Spy-Lite and the Octopus Lite.

Spy-Lite uses fifteen spouts in total. These spouts are heat sealed to the bottle to prevent tampering with. When poured, it sends directly to the POS. This is where it displays what liquor, the amount, and the cost. However, since the Spy-Lite only has fifteen tops, tracking your inventory has its limits. One would have to categorize bottles by their brand, or if they are “well” or “top shelf”.

This is where the Octopus Lite steps in. With 256 RFID spouts, you can track each and every individual bottle. This allows business owners to monitor specific brands, and see how much was poured and sold throughout the day.

In comparing the two systems, it really depends what your needs are. The Spy Lite is more cost effective, and even only with fifteen tops, it can do the job. Nonetheless, the Octopus Lite is better suited for keeping track of larger inventories. Both systems provide excellent liquor control and allow you to track the usage and inventory of your bar, saving you time and money.

In conclusion, liquor control is an essential tool for any business that sells alcohol. By choosing the right liquor control system, businesses can reduce costs, and increase efficiency. That’s why OSS Data offers these tools to business owners like you. If you are looking for more information on liquor control systems, visit Barspecs, or give us a call at 1-800-954-3281.

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