All-in-One Payment Solution

OSS Data provides an all-in-one payment solutions to enable payment security and processor flexibility. Partnering with many payment processors, we strive to find the best processing rate for your business.

Payments for Integrated POS

Streamline operations with our integrated payment solutions that enable every type of transaction directly from your POS system. Innovative technology merges POS and terminal capabilities into one solution, eliminating double-entry and boosting efficiency.

With our many options of POS software and hardware, we allow businesses unify the two with the chosen payment processor. The software will be able to recognize the payment accepted whether it is debit, credit, gift card, check, EBT, or FSA.

Wireless Credit Card Machine

Have a business that is on-the-go? Get a wireless credit card machine for FREE with only a $30 monthly fee. We will MATCH or BEAT any processing rate with NO Contract. The Payanywhere PAX A920 Pro SHIPS FREE. With the wireless terminal’s touchscreen and small size, it allows your business the portability to take payments anywhere.