Flexible Financing Solution

OSS Data has several finance options to get you the equipment you need. Get a cash advance to fund any investment, lease-to-own equipment you cannot pay for up front, or rent equipment with no commitment.

Take your business in the right direction

Since 1979, our leasing partners have made it easy to find the right equipment-leasing solutions to help companies grow and thrive. Moreover, we have always brought a uniquely personalized level of service to the industry – with no automated voicemail or credit scoring systems. When you call OSS Data, you’re always treated as a valued customer and not a number.

This upfront approach—from your initial phone call to final approval—allows us to approve thousands of transactions and millions of dollars annually for a variety of industries. The application process isn’t as complicated as a traditional loan, which typically makes the merchant cash advance approval process a faster option.

No Application Fees, No Obligations and No need to switch your credit card processing company.

Your funding can be available in as little as 5-7 business days! We just need the following:

• Signed Funding Application
• 4 Complete Visa/MasterCard Statements (if you accept credit cards)
• 4 Complete Bank Statements
• Copy of Business license (EIN)
• Copy of Driver license
• Void business check

Email to: info@nastarleasing.com
Fax to: 954.375.7043

Cash Advance

Oss Data’s funding partners provide money to help businesses grow. How would you grow your business if in 7 days you had an additional $25,000 to spend?

There is no interest rate, closing costs or prepayment penalties. We buy a fixed portion of your future V/MC credit card sales volume at a discount.

To determine the cost I need to review the last 4 months of your V/MC statements. Our funding costs vary. I need to ask you some questions about your business.

 The funding is based on your Avg V/MC volume.

$5,000 to $150,000 depending on your Visa/Master Card volume.

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