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Touch Terminal

Touch Terminal for your Business

You probably know the importance of using the right point-of-sale (POS) system, but if NOT, this article must be considered....

Small Business

Supporting Small Businesses

There are about 32.5 million small businesses in the US, with over 65% of small businesses turning a profit in 2022....

Cloud POS

Benefits of Using a Cloud POS

POS, or Point-of-Sales, systems have been around for generations. Starting as early as the cash register in 1879, they have been....

Online Ordering

Why Your Restaurant Needs Online Ordering

During the pandemic dining in was no longer an option, and many restaurants had to shut down. To help restaurants stay....

Kitchen Display

Kitchen Display Systems Benefits

Restaurants can be hectic. During meal rushes, paper tickets can get damaged, go missing, or may not even be legible.


Importance of Websites for your Business

website Websites make your business look credible, legit, and professional. Websites create a more user-friendly atmosphere....

Clover POS

Is Clover Right for Your Business?

What separates Clover from other similar-style POS systems is its prioritization of customer satisfaction.

Digital Menu Boards

Save Time, and Money with a Digital Menu Board

As 2023 continues to push the boundaries of today’s digital age, innovative technology is growing rapidly as consumers....

Liquor Control

Liquor Control for Your Bar

Liquor control is essential for any business that sells alcoholic. By adding this effective tool, business owners can....


Paving, The Way for Cloud Based Platforms

With over 150,000 users, Toteat is paving the way for the future of cloud-based ordering platform.