Unlocking the Power of Cloud-Based Reporting: RHQ with NCC Reflection

In our previous blog of Streamline Your Business with the Right POS: Clover VS NCC, we mentioned a service that NCC provided called RHQ. Today we’ll dive into more about what RHQ is, what it does, and how it benefits your business.

What is RHQ?

RHQ is similar to other cloud-based reporting systems, where you can view your sales in real-time from anywhere! As long as you have an internet connection, then you can access your reports from anywhere on any device. It is completely optional as well, so you are not forced into a subscription unlike most other software.

What makes RHQ different?

When you choose NCC as your point-of-sale software, it also comes with an (optional) cloud-based reporting system. Any sales made on the terminal is also recorded and sent live to RHQ. However, RHQ does more than just give you live reporting.

With RHQ you’re not only accessing your sales, but you’re accessing everything about the POS. Most cloud-based systems tend to overwrite the old data with new data, but with RHQ it keeps and backs up that information. That means you, as a business owner, can access your sales history from any date without having to manually back anything up. This includes being able to edit time cards, and even changing/adding menu items and prices so you don’t need to be in the office to access these features. If you have multiple locations, you can apply certain changes to all of your businesses, or just one location. With such time-saving features, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

The one issue most cloud-based POS systems have is down-time. Once the internet is down, then you’re no longer able to take payment. However, NCC Reflection doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi, so it will continue to function normally during “down-time”. All the data will be stored locally on the terminal so that when it’s back online, all sales and information will send directly to RHQ.

This is what makes RHQ so reliable compared to most cloud-based systems, because it simply does more than reporting. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a cloud system without the drawbacks, then having NCC and RHQ for your business is a must. Have any questions? You can visit our website at www.ossdata.com or give us a call 1-800-954-3281 for more information.

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