How to go from Multiple Delivery Tablets to none

From UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates, to hundreds of other food delivery platforms, business owners can be overwhelmed by the service options and technology used to manage those deliveries for them. This is where Deliverect, an all-in-one online ordering solution, takes the reins. Deliverect takes all of your business’ online orders from those delivery platforms and pushes them directly to your POS, Kitchen Display System, or Deliverect app. By doing so, the hassle of designating employees to manage multiple delivery system tablets is taken away!

Why Should You Trust Deliverect?

Eliminate Wasted Time

Not only does Deliverect forward delivery orders directly to your system of choice, it also automatically prints a receipt copy to help your kitchen staff begin prepping orders as soon as they are submitted. This can drastically reduce the time it would otherwise take for a server to confirm the order, manually print out the ticket, and deliver it back to the kitchen.

Automated Order Status Updates

Real time order updates are dispersed to all relevant parties, keeping everyone in the loop regarding when their order is being prepared, ideal pickup time, and when their food is on its way.

Improved Menu Adjustments

Optimize your menu based on sales data collected by delivery orders! Any menu changes can also be made directly in the Deliverect platform and can be sent to the synced third-party delivery platform of your choosing.

Worldwide Clientele

Serving over 40 countries, 32,000+ locations, and over 400 integration partners, Deliverect is a software trusted by business owners all over the globe. Among those businesses include well-known chain restaurants such as KFC, Chipotle, Outback Steakhouse, and many more.

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