Podium Kiosk

Podium Kiosk

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The Podium Kiosk is Touch Dynamic’s answer to the industry’s need for a low cost, highly efficient kiosk solution. The Podium Kiosk offers endless possibilities as you can mount any Touch Dynamic All-In-One on the Universal Printer Base to the Kiosk base. This includes the 14.1,” 15,” 17”&18.5” LED LCDs that allow you to customize the look, speed and storage space of your Podium Kiosk.

With custom wraps available featuring customer art and logos, the Podium Kiosk will be an eye-catching addition to your fast casual restaurant, college campus, or retail space. It will also provide excellent real estate for marketing, advertising, and other branding opportunities.

  • Supports any Touch Dynamic All-In-One mounted on the Universal Printer Base
  • Two integrated printer options
  • Optional shelves on either side of Kiosk
  • Custom wraps with customer art/logos available
  • Locking back panel for storage and cable