Kitchen Video Microplus ChefTab+ Display


Kitchen Video Microplus ChefTab+ Display

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Many busy kitchens and bars struggle to maintain control in an environment driven by slips of paper. With the ChefTAB+, these inefficiencies are eliminated. A single touch of the finger allows the operator to view all pending orders as well as review up to 50 recently bumped orders.

The ChefTAB+ is an all-in-one solution for your kitchen video needs. The included 14 inch tablet is ideal for the workplace, where space is at a premium.

The ChefTAB+ is easily configured to your system via its unique Ticket Genie. Simply put it in capture mode and send an order from your POS system. The Ticket Genie will display the order and allow you to select the fields you would like to display along with their format.

You can use the ChefTAB+, with any POS system that supports network kitchen printers. It is perfect for bars, diners, coffee shops, food trucks, sandwich shops or any place you would use a kitchen printer.

Use the same Android technology that is dominating the computer industry, the new ChefTAB+, tablet based Kitchen Display System (KDS) provides a clean, paperless environment for your restaurant.
All connections to the ChefTAB+ are recessed and hidden from view. When utilizing the standard 100mm VESA mounting holes, it is easy to mount to the wall or ceiling.

When it comes to Tablet Kitchen Displays, bigger is better. The larger, high resolution (1920 x 1080), 14 inch display of the ChefTAB+ provides 85% more viewing area than a 10″ tablet, which not only makes it easy to read but allows the ChefTAB+ to display more orders.

• Runs on any POS System that Supports Network Kitchen Printing
• Simple Wireless Installation
• Touchscreen Operation – No Bump Bar Needed
• Includes 14″ Widescreen Tablet
• VESA Mounting for Custom Installation