Hisense HS210R Kiosk

Hisense HS210R Kiosk

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The HS210R (Android) is compact and cost effective suitable for smaller groceries, bodegas, delis, and more – where space and budget restrictions apply.

Self Ordering Customers will enjoy the convenience, speed and simplicity of ordering by themselves while retailers benefit with improved labor efficiency, reduced customer queues, fewer walk-aways, increased transaction amounts and reduced order errors, all of which contribute to increased profits.

• 21.5″ LCD Screen with Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT)
• ARM RK3288 (4core) High Speed CPU
• Android 7.1 (Nougat) Operating System
• Tempered Glass Flat Front Panel
• WiFi and Bluetooth Standard
• Optional Facial Recognition Camera
• Optional Integrated Thermal Receipt Printer
• Optional Integrated 2D Barcode Scanner
• Optional Electronic Payment Processing Terminal Bracket
• Durable Plastic or Stainless Steel Trays Available
• Supports Wall Mount or Optional Stand
• Comes in Black and White