Aures Jazz All-in-One Terminal

Aures Jazz All-in-One Terminal

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 JAZZ, an exclusive concept in POS hardware that offers a wide-ranging choice of configurations to suit any environment, whilst sacrificing none of the uniqueness that is the AURES design philosophy.
Adapting itself to any IT structure on the POS, the various options offered in the range make it possible to support and optimize all steps of the customer experience.

Combining consumer style with commercial-grade performance, JAZZ integrates a 15.1” flat edgeless touchscreen display with a powerful processor built into a miniaturized base. Available in dark gray or white, the terminal comes with three powerful, fanless processor options (Intel® J1900, I3 and I5), and can be easily upgraded as your needs change.

With its durable cast aluminum and zinc frame, JAZZ offers superior strength and resilience. Its slim Z-shaped support arm allows for a full range of height and angle adjustments with no vibration or “bounce” during touchscreen use.

The double-hinged design of the PCT Windows-compatible touchscreen ensures stability, even when the arm is fully extended. The device can also fold completely flat for shipping and when offline, to optimize valuable counter space.

JAZZ incorporates the latest USB-C technology for maximum power and easy device connectivity. A single cable for power, USB and video data eliminates clutter for a clean, streamlined POS workspace.

For simplified maintenance, the Jazz processor module can be replaced in a matter of seconds without the need for tools. Using a simple drop-and-slide technique, users simply unclip the back cover and slide out the processor. In addition, its Z-shaped design enables optimum cooling when used on the counter.