Toteat, Paving The Way for Cloud Based Platforms

With over 150,000 users, Toteat is paving the way for the future of cloud-based ordering platforms. As seen in our previously posted blog, “Benefits of Using a Cloud POS” it was learned that SaaS’ (Software as a Service), or more commonly referred to as cloud-based computing softwares, are pushing Point-of-Sale systems to the next level. Toteat is one such software. Developed with the support of Google Cloud, Toteat offers unlimited users and teams, e-commerce compatibility, ingredient and recipe customization for servers to be allergy-risk informed, KDS integration, and even 24/7 tech support to assist your business at all hours.

Whether it be delivery, pick-up, or even in-house ordering, Toteat can manage all your sales services on one platform. Through QR code integration, customers can use their smartphones to scan your unique code to view your menu, select their table number, and send their order directly to the kitchen. Customers can also use this QR code to place orders and even pay once their order is complete. Therefore, digital ordering is as simple as having a smart device. This not only allows for efficiency when it comes to pushing out orders, but also provides customers with the opportunity to order at their own pace. The QR code links are also updated in real time to showcase specials/deals for customers as well as linking with the inventory management system to prevent them from ordering an out-of-stock item.

While Toteat also has ingredient and recipe customization, it even allows for your full menus to be customized as well. From sorting, pricing, to even images, each menu item can have a unique presence. Inventory management can also be incorporated to allow both managers and servers to know what products are available in real time.

Toteat is a stand-alone software we offer through OSS Data as well as being included with all-inclusive hardware bundles. Call us at 1-800-954-3281 for a free demo!

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