Is Clover Right for Your Business?

Whether your business has been serving customers for generations or is establishing its legacy, the Clover point-of-sale system can help you feel more connected with your business and customers than ever before. Clover is an all-in-one cloud-based POS system that focuses on accessibility and customer satisfaction.

Clover not only accepts all payment types, allows for online ordering, and helps to manage shifts, but these features are fully customizable and included with every software plan. Using the cloud-based dashboard, business owners can view all past or ongoing transactions from multiple branch locations all from the convenience of their smartphone.

What separates Clover from other similar-style POS systems is its prioritization of customer satisfaction. By using Clover’s customer engagement app, your business can post announcements, marketing campaigns, or even custom promotions for customers to receive via text or email. The customer engagement app is not a one-way street either. Customers are able to leave feedback and write reviews directly to your business, so you can view all consumer interactions in one place.

OSS Data offers a wide variety of POS systems, including Clover, to fit the needs of your business. Browse our selection of software and schedule for a demo today.

A. Lynch 2023

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