Benefits of Using a Cloud POS

POS, or Point-of-Sales, systems have been around for generations. Starting as early as the cash register in 1879, they have been assisting us in business transactions. When the electronic cash register (ECR) first released for public use in 1973, it completely renovated the face of the market. Designed for efficiency in restaurants, the ECR grew exponentially in popularity overnight. Fast forward to modern day, you can see cloud-based POS systems taking the efficiency of that ECR and pushing it ten steps further.

     Most active POS systems in the market actively rely on hardware to store all of their business data. This allows for the risk of corrupted files, damage from external factors such as spilled drinks, or even thievery of the hardware itself. By implementing a cloud-based software, most of those risks are eliminated. Cloud-based POS’ store data virtually on heavily encrypted third-party servers. This both backups and protects your business’ data.

     By virtualizing your company’s data with cloud-based POS systems, you also greatly increase accessibility to any information you need and can access it at any time. Managers, or anyone personally granted specific access, can receive real-time updates regarding inventory, transactions, clock-in/clock-out data, voided items, and much more. Employees can also help increase efficiency by requesting time off or viewing their schedule remotely from the simplicity of their own phone. 

     OSS data has added cloud-based systems to our list of available software. If you’re interested in implementing a cloud-based POS for your business, visit us at or contact OSS Data at 1-800-954-3281 for a demo.

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