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NCC Reflection

SW-POS-RFW Reflection™ POS is a fully featured software application with the flexibility to suit a wide range of restaurant types. From Quick Serve to Table Serve, Reflection has the power needed by today's restaurateur. Utilizing the powerful Screen Designer programming function, Reflection can customize screens to create operation-specific transaction flow and screen layouts that are the most efficient and appropriate for the merchant. Screen Designer also allows for the use of graphical images and for customized button sizes, shapes, and positions. This flexibility is the key to designing screens that deliver optimal useability.

General Features:

  • Stand-alone or network up to 32 terminals
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Standard TCP/IP Ethernet communications
  • Complete Terminal Redundancy
  • Auto-Sensing/Self-Healing Network
  • Turn-Key Design
  • Print historical reports by date range

Reflection POS® helps to increase productivity, enhance accuracy, and improve efficency by:

  • Automatically routing orders to the specified prep stations
  • Creating order channels to bar, dining rooms, etc.
  • Transferring payments between the bar and table
  • Combining or separating checks
  • Adding times to check for speed of service
  • Providing user-friendly screen-ordering for updating order and payment processing

Reflection POS® is the most reliable POS management system available.

  • Embedded operating system is resistant to spyware and viruses
  • Focus on accuracy increases productivity
  • User-friendly interface and functionality
  • Customizable to fit your needs
  • Easy to use and maintain

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