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OSS Data can help your bar or nightclub run at maximum efficiency and generate maximum revenue. Our customized program speeds up your point of sale and controls your liquor inventory.

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Point of Sale Hardware

OSS Data has a wide range of POS Hardware to assist your bar from order placement to order fulfillment.

Liquor Control System

With a Liquor Control System, employees cannot pour drinks unless the customer pays. The activator ring unlocks the sealed spouts when a payment is received and recognizes the specific bottle paid for. It also keeps your drink pour consistent with predetermined portions.


Your bar requires a receipt printer for your customer and, if you serve food, a remote kitchen printer for preparation instructions. Our thermal printers print receipts fast with your logo, address, and messages, while our impact printers withstand the heat in the kitchen. The printers receive information from the POS software for seamless communication.

Touch Terminals

If you still have a cash register, it's time to switch to a touch terminal! Touch terminals sync up the order software, payment method, and printer for a smooth operation. Choose from models by Samsung, Hisense, Touch Dynamics, and Aures.

Point of Sale Software

OSS Data has a wide range of award-winning softwares to choose from. Whether you prefer embedded software or cloud-based software, programmers at OSS Data will customize the layout to best suit your restaurant's items and modifiers.

NCC Reflection

NCC Reflection configures to employee needs by limiting access to functions depending on position. The software allows you to pre-set prices for events, happy hour, and specials. Easily integrate to peripherals and track your liquor inventory and employee scheduling.

Point of Sale Media

Graphic Designers at OSS Data can personalize media at your restaurant to improve its physical appearance and ease ordering.

Digital Menu Boards

Installing digital menu boards is an inexpensive way to upgrade your location. We offer customized design to display your bar's items. Digital menu boards improve your customers' purchase experience and save you time and money by allowing you to update prices and items on your computer. No more paying for maintenance!


In-house menus and take-out menus are essential to a bar. Do you not currently have menus? Or do you need your menus updated? Have graphic designers at OSS Data design your bar menu. We offer a range of sleeves for in-house menus.