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Dry Cleaner

OSS Data can help your dry cleaner run at maximum efficiency and generate maximum revenue. Our customized programs allow organized check-ins and -outs of your client's clothes. Along with our POS hardware, you will never have trouble keeping track of items.

Point of Sale Hardware

OSS Data has a wide range of POS Hardware to assist your store from order placement to order fulfillment.

Touch Terminals

If you still have a cash register, it's time to switch to a touch terminal! Touch terminals sync up the order software, payment method, and printer for a smooth operation. Choose from models by Samsung, Hisense, Touch Dynamics, and Aures.


Your checkout requires a receipt printer for your customer. Our thermal printers print receipts fast with your logo, address, and messages. To make checkout more efficient, get a label printer to keep track of clothing by scan. The printers receive information from the POS software for seamless communication.


Cash drawers are required in a drycleaner. Customer displays shows the customer the item and price of the item they are buying. Get a scanner as well to make checkout fast and efficent.

Point of Sale Software

Liberty Computer Software

Liberty’s Touch Control system has been designed with over 30 years of experience in the Dry Cleaning industry. No detail is overlooked when choosing the finest hardware or the time and expertise that goes into the development of our software and apps.